Reasons to join our royal family

  • The King Pie system is one of the easiest and cleanest in the QSR industry as no production or assembly takes place in the outlet. The product arrives frozen and is then baked in the store on demand. Thus immediate, clean, simple and simply irresistible.
  • The products sold by King Pie franchisees are manufactured at one centralized, state of the art facility. The products are distributed nationally (and internationally) by way of a dedicated distributor. All our products are baked from frozen, therefore ensuring excellent quality and freshness.
  • Our professional team matches the potential franchisee, (which will have to undergo the necessary assessments in order to be considered as a franchisee) to a site. Once the outlet is open (which is a turn-key operation) our franchisee can immediately serve the best products available in our industry.
  • Well established King Pie Training Academy. New franchisees undergo intensive training before opening the new franchise. This includes a 3-day theoretical course at King Pie's support office and a 2-day practical course in a regional training center.
  • Professional, passionate and supportive franchisor.
  • Expert support staff team to assist across all disciplines including; Operations, Legal, Marketing, Training, Finance and R & D.
  • We have a world class food safety system that ensures product of the highest quality.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • An ever extending product range for all income groups and appetites.
  • Relatively low set up cost compared to other QSR brands.
  • A well promoted and established brand.
  • Value for money offering.
  • Market Leader in the pie category.

Who's ideal for our royal family?

  • Passionate, loyal, hands-on energetic operators.
  • Support and believe the values of our brand.
  • Strive for customer service excellence.
  • Team players.


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